Terms & CondtionS

By subscribing to PaymentExpress' AsueBahamas you agree and accept the following terms and conditions:

(1) To pay PaymentExpress a commission of 3% (or such other rate determined by it from time to time) of your weekly payments for holding an asue on your behalf.

(2) To pay your weekly payment to PaymentExpress on its due date;

(3) To pay a late fee of $25.00 for each week your payment is late;

(4) To pay all of your weekly payments under the asue(s) selected by you once you have received your draw;

(5) Not to cancel any asue selected by you after receiving your draw. Such cancellations are prohibited. You may however cancel any asue selected by you prior to receiving your draw but you will be liable to pay a fee of 15% of your selected draw amount on such cancellation;

(6) In the event of such cancellation, you will be refunded any amount paid by you to PaymentExpress under the asue(s) being cancelled less 15% of your selected draw amount. Should your weekly payments amount to less that the 15% fee payable to PaymentExpress you will be required to pay PaymentExpress the shortfall;

(7) To pay all costs and expenses of PaymentExpress (including legal costs and debt collection agency costs) in recovering any sums due to it from you; and

(8) You have the means and ability to pay the weekly payments under the asue(s) selected by you.

PaymentExpress will pay you your draw on its due date less its commissions and/or any fees, costs and/or expenses due to it from you.

(9) The contents of all information and documentation provided by you to PaymentExpress AsueBahamas are true and correct.

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